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Thrive with Digital, Striding Towards the Intelligent World

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As society advances, so do the tools we use to build. Technology is redefining productivity, driving the transition from quantity to quality.

Underpinned by digital transformation, digital economic development will benefit the ICT industry and society as a whole by enabling massive increases in productivity.

The time is ripe to thrive with digital. Let's stride towards the intelligent world together.

Seizing the opportunities created by digitalization

Leading the industry with future-oriented digital infrastructure and continuous innovation

Thriving with digital by creating value for customers, industry, and society

Forging E2E capabilities and creating thriving ecosystems together

The Time is Ripe to Thrive with Digital


Huawei Analyst Summit 2024

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Special Issue: Thrive with Digital, Striding Towards the Intelligent World

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Striding Towards the Intelligent World

Requirements for Digital Infrastructure

  • For Individuals

    Immersive services like XR and holographic communication are maturing, and connectivity experience is set to increase from 1 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. Mobile DOU will surge from today's 15 GB to 100 GB. Requirements for latency and ubiquitous connectivity will also increase.

  • For Households

    The demands generated by advanced services like 24K 3D VR games and holographic education and meetings are creating a full-fiber, 10 Gbit/s era.

  • For Industries

    Digital transformation has now entered the fast lane. Industrial-grade applications such as smart manufacturing and power grid dispatching are raising diversified requirements for connections, quality, and sensing, while also triggering explosive growth in demand for computing power and storage.

5.5G is a Key Milestone on the Path to an Intelligent World



Clear roadmap


Steady progress


Clear strategies

  • Standards

    Clear roadmap

  • Industry

    Steady progress

  • Spectrum

    Clear strategies

    Legacy spectrum: evolution to NR
    New spectrum: mmWave and 6 GHz

    Spectrum is fundamental to wireless networks. The 5.5G industry is now promoting sub-100 GHz to support NR via a twofold strategy. First, legacy spectrum will be refarmed to ensure smooth evolution to 5.5G. Second, joint efforts will be made to ensure that large-bandwidth spectrum mmWave and the upper part of 6 GHz (U6GHz) will be allocated to 5.5G.

5.5G Is Coming

With the world's leading analysts, we explore 5.5G and the global value it can provide

Intelligent World 2030 Outlooks

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